I almost got mauled by a howling coyote on a hill. Maybe.

Today, I write because I can.  and because K-STAR is begging for a new post… “alright stop…collaborate and BLOG”…those were her words to me.

So I thought I lived far out away from everything, but Saturday I travelled to a land far far away called Keeter, TX.  Almost like the hick way of saying Mosquito. Almost.  Probably because they wanted to warn you that if you come there you will get eaten alive by Skeeters but didn’t want it to be that obvious, so they dropped the S. 
First of all (or 3rd of all, because this is not actually the first thing I’m saying) let me say that when the GPS on my phone gets confused, it’s probably to far away for me to go there.  The address was #### County Road ####….GPS decided to drop the #’s for the county road and decided it was going to take me to County Road ###.  Yeah, 3 digits, not 4.  I get to the place where it says destination is on the right and I’m like heyyyyy this is a 3 digit road.  And there is nothing on the right.  So I re-route myself to the 4 digit road and had to travel down 4 sequential county roads before I finally reached my destination (and YES! it was on the right, but about 10 miles away). 

Across the street from where I was. I’ll admit, the country is pretty and it has breezes and fresh air.

PS. As I made the last turn before I reached the destination, I saw a COYOTE howling on a hill on the corner.  Scared the crap outta me and made me jump.  (disclaimer: the coyote may or may not have been but was definitely just a tree stump).  True Story.

PSS…I went to the country to hang out with K-STAR and watch her son – who is a very accomplished animal impersonator… she has a lot of ribbon at her house.

He’s a he, and you can’t see what he looks like because he doesn’t belong to me, but trust me, he’s cute.

and this was on the corner of the house.  I still don’t know why….


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  1. thank you!!

    Don’t sue strippers.

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