There’s a bowtie on my desk but that’s not what this is about

 Actual conversation:

K-STAR: You left your shades at my casa
Me: Ah crap, better than leaving a shoe
K-STAR: true, but if you left one shoe i’d be concerned. FYI I’m holding them hostage
Me: What’s the ransom?
K-STAR: U have to come get them. and bring redbull
ME: Um. You bring them to work and I’ll bring you redbull. We meet in the parking lot under the 3rd from the right light. slightly to the left.
K-STAR: ok but you have to wear one shoe so I know it’s you.
Me: done. You have act like a monkey so I know it’s you. (she does an awesome monkey impression that I’m not allowed to post, but it’s AMAZING)
K-Star: I’ll be the short lady in the blue dress…I’ll be carrying the Mountain lion (P.S.- she is 6’2″)
Me: I’ll be wearing a single shoe, carrying a red candle in my right hand. Redbull in the left. I’ll be the one with no sunglasses.
K-STAR: Mayhaps I should bring a badger instead?

Me: Make sure the badger is on a leash, I don’t need a badger on the loose. especially a taxidermied one….taxidermied? no, it’s taxidermicized..

Yes. AND then there was some talk about her almost texting me to ask why Heath Ledger hadn’t made any movies lately…so I just shook my head at her and said it’s because Zombie movies are kind of on the outs.




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  1. Making the comments even for ya, dear.

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