Don’t let your hair define you. Or do…whatever.

Why is it that feeling bad about the color or style of my hair can completely ruin my day. COMPLETELY.  I am not the usually chipper, sunshine Sara.  Today, I’m unconfident and shy and wish to be invisible. A couple of weeks ago I forgot to put on make up before going to work.  I wanted to hide away in a hole.  I felt ugly.  The wall of confidence I have can be so easily shattered by lack of makeup and bad hair.  Why is that? Why does my mood depend so much on those physical things ?  It’s so frustrating and discouraging. I feel like every person is staring at me and silently giggling about my oddly colored hair. 
I think it has something to do with my position and age.  When I was younger, I worked at a gym. I was motivating, and people loved me.  I was young, adventurous and could rock any hairstyle/color…and I DID. 
NOW I’m 25 and I am more uneasy with a drastic change to my features.  I’m more afraid to look foolish.  I need to learn how to get back to the attitiude of haha yeah! it’s Orange! Eh well, it’s just hair! 

I’ve had a LOT of hair colors in my life….
All over blue that turned into ALL over green while trying to get rid of the blue
Pink in the front
Purple in the front (see my twitter pic)
Super Blonde
Super Black
Ronald McDonald Red
All other shades of red

I had black/brown hair yesterday.

that's my dark hair! I miss it already.

Today I have blondish/reddish hair.

bleh. not cute. no make up either.

I stripped out the color to reveal a yellowish shade of blonde with bright roots.  The worst part about it all is that I’m in public. I couldn’t stay home and complete the transformation from Sultry brunette to Bombshell blonde. I had to go to work and painfully endure the day feeling like a nappy headed step child (appologies if you are in fact a nappy headed step child, it means you need a new hairstylist).  Yes, I generally do my hair on my own at home and 98% of the time it’s great!  This time, the change was so drastic that I knew I wouldn’t be lucky enough for it to be beautiful on the first treatment.  I wish I was able to see myself as beautiful without relying on pretty hair or pretty make up….but that’s just not the case because I am a woman and I’m emotional and I’m self conscious.  Deal with it.

Tonight, I will be continuing the attempt to get my hair to a suitable color I can handle….let’s just hope I don’t lose all my hair in the process because I’m pretty sure I would dislike bald more than a blondish/reddish do.
Pictures of the 2nd attempt at BLONDE:

Getting ready to color the hair. Rock on!


raawwwwr? I'm fiercly altering my hair color


after 2 days of blonding it, it's still orangish. ugh.

 So…at 11:30pm last night, I began the transition back to black hair….Ta Da!!!!

back to black. now...if only my hair would grow faster...


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  1. I think you’re beautiful… and if you had no hair… then I’d have no hair.

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