The Stabby Solution

Feeling Stabby but don’t like blood or jailtime?  Well, I have the solution for you!!

Introducing STABBY CATHY!!  The ONE, The ONLY, lifesize doll  that allows you to release the stabbiness!!

Made of 100% organic ballistics gel, she will take the stabbing after stabbing with a smile on her face! Don’t have a knife?  Use a pen! Use anything! She can take it!

Opening mail and have a letter from a creditor, a letter addressed to your new husbands ex wife, or too much junk mail? Stabby Cathy will gladly take that letter opener in the gut!

Keep Stabby Cathy buckled in the passenger seat to relieve the stress of your commute! Arrive at work chipper and smiling instead of angry about the guy that cut YOU off and then FLIPPED you off.

Can’t you feel Stabby Cathy’s healing powers already? I know I can!

Stabby Cathy can be yours for only $4.99!  Order today!! Stabby Cathy can be custom made with the hair color of your choice! Don’t think! BUY NOW!

FINE PRINT (pretend the print is tiny):
The inventor of the Stabby Cathy Idea (ME) does not condone the actual stabbing of anyone. Ever.  The purchase of a Stabby Cathy doll requires the consumer to begin attending anger management and therapy sessions which might lead to the use of anti depressants or mood enhancers.  This is not an actual product (DUH). Just an idea…. an AWESOME IDEA.


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