Here’s This

 Bulls for sale…Do you want me to get you a bull? Yes? Ok, that will take an additional 7 minutes…I have to get him in the back of the car…

Oh!! new plan. i found a rooster:

what a lovely rooster...

You know what? I have an umbrella hat. That means that I purchased an umbrella hat at some point in my life. That also means that at some point in my life I thought it would be a good idea to own and wear an umbrella hat…

i make this look GOOD.

 Oh. um. Here’s this…free of charge:

It's a grammar lesson. Good job CHI. You make my hair look good AND make brain smart.

This is either a Large Cat or a Really small dog…

Or Both... Meet Otis the Cat and Jake the Dog. Trust me, Jake is happy in this picture. He's having his ears cleaned.


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  1. I’m thinking that you are absolutely the most beautifully random person I have ever met in my life. ever.

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