This is just getting weird now…

Don't Look Away. Stare. It's the only way to bring awareness.

it’s real. it’s happening. be aware people.

Every 48.7 seconds a baby is made to look like a man and a man is made to look like a baby.  We need to be aware of this hilarious tragedy. It’s disturbing. It’s unnatural but these manbabies are people, too. Embrace them. Hug them, chase them.  It’s what they want.  I know. It’s ok, don’t cry. What you are looking at is only a sample.


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  1. I think man babies are a rare breed. They have begun to disappear over the last 3 years. I read a report in time magazine, where the have risen up the chart of extinction right with the chupacabra and 6 foot midgets

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