Yo Hablo English, Yo.

Today, I went to the bank.  In a predominately hispanic area. The guy at the bank was predominately hispanic.  So in a way, this is my fault.

I don’t want another credit card. I do well enough on my own with 2 credit cards and don’t need any more plastic in my wallet.  I’m trying NOT to be in debt here people.  But the bank guy was determined to force a new one on me. It get’s credits! Spend more, get more!  No. I don’t think I need a new credit card…. oh but you dooooo he says… and this is how it went :

Him:Oh did you know you are approved for a credit card?
Me:Only if it’s 0% interest
Him:Well as a matter of fact it is…BAM!

He pulls out the place mat sized card with all the details of the Chase Freedom Credit Card.  He starts going over the bullet points explaining why I need this card and then I realize…..

It’s The Spanish Side Of The Card. 

And at first I followed along like I knew what every word was that he pointed to – That’s probably why he didn’t turn it over to the english side, he thought oh, she understands..or he wanted to make me learn spanish didn’t realize that he was looking at that side because it’s his language…So, as he talked, I perused the card looking at the exciting features and nodding along as if I knew what I was reading…because I didn’t want to seem like an idiot.  The saddest part is that it took me a solid 2 minutes of “reading” to realize I wasn’t reading at all.

Spanish: 1
Sara: 0

Spell check said I spelled Predominately correctly…  twice.  Go me!


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