Ohhh Slushies…


Went as K-Star’s date to her high school reunion last weekend.  Let’s go over some words we could use to describe the 2 of us, alone in different city, in a hotel: adventurous, interesting, messy, liquoury, redbullish.

The reunion was only about an hour away from home, but it was very far away from civilization..well the kind of civilization I’m used to…this city is Stephenville. You travel past a lot of livestock and tractors to get there. and when you have to pee, you just have to hold it or pee on youself because there is NOWHERE to stop.  I may or may not be talking from a very close call experience.

I arrive at the hotel and run upstairs to the room and say Heyyyyy K-Star!!!! yay we are going to have to much fun, blah blah bla – CAKEBALLS! oh crap! the cake balls are in the car and it’s 100 degrees! So, I run downstairs…crisis averted, cakeballs saved.

I walk in and I’m like Ok, I can tell which bed is mine…my bed is made and hers looks like it’s been jumped on by wolverines and horses and maybe a panda.  She’s a wild sleeper apparently…it had nothing to do with her alcohol consumption the night before… So I sit down on my bed, and a fry falls off the bed. The made bed. The bed that has been empty…

Uh, why is there a fry in my bed??
Her response: I may have thrown fries all over the room when I tripped while carrying them.
There are probably more fries to be found.  Deal with it. 

This hotel room had been stocked with 2 bottles of wine, chips and salsa, vodka, and a blender. I brought the red bull.


So first things first, we have a glass of wine. White wine – so our lips wouldn’t be stained purple from red wine. We’re thinkers.

We had fancy cups. Her's was tinkerbell, mine was the chick from tangled.

Next, vodka red bull slushies!!!!! (totally my idea..I WIN)

This was just before there was slushie on the floor.

NOW it’s time to go to the reunion.  Let’s just say we looked hot. Shorty shorts and cutie tops and everyone else was staring at us full of jealousy. Or at least that’s how that all went down in my head.  We drank. We played pool.  I didn’t THINK I was that bad at pool until K-Star went to her car and brought in her very own bedazzled pool stick.  I had been hustled.  Good thing there was no money involved and her quarters payed for the game or else I’d have hit that chick with a quick leg sweep. 
At one point, when I went to the bathroom, I noticed this:

This was sitting on the back of the toilet. I feel like this is a really random thing to leave in the bathroom...or take in the bathroom...correct me if I'm wrong.

When we were thoroughly bored of being looked at and drooled over (haha) we went back to the hotel to endulge in MORE vodka redbull slushies.  We were SO excited! Yay! Slushies!!  So we turned on School Of Rock and i got the chips and queso, and we blended up some slush and fell asleep before we drank any…. Because that’s what happens when you party hard as an adult.  You get sleepy.




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