Cori Ander Green, your fake name amuses me

Me: whats her middle name?

Me: i hope it’s ann

Me: it’s not ann is it? :((


Me: i’m sad

Me: is it ander? like coriander? i know that’s not how it’s spelled….correander?

Me: isnt that a kitchen utencil?

Me: or maybe collander

Me: maybe correander is a spice

Me: idfkl

Me: oh ok. i just did some investigating and it’s “chinese parsley” so it’s a spice. so i was mostly right

Me: i’ll name her parsley

Me: haha parsley green, redundant bc parsley is green!

Me: oh my hell, it IS spelled CORIANDER

Me: i hope her middle name is ANDER

Me: that would make my day

I still don’t know her middle name…


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  1. It’s NOT Ander

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