I’m jealous of your pancakes.

A while back, I came across a website about this guy who makes really awesome things out of pancakes for his daughter.  Today, I tried to remember who he was and what his website is so I google “tims pancakes”.  Nothing.  Well something, but nothing I was interested in.  So I googled cool pancakes and popped up.  YES! That’s him! Tim, Jim…at least I was close.   ANYWHO, this guy is awesome.  So awesome I almost don’t believe some of these are pancakes.  They must be clay (like gumbi), and then I ask why did you make your daughter eat gumbi?? That’s not cool dude. But she’s obviously fine, because she’s in almost every picture and she’s cute. So the clay isn’t harming her…on the outside… Go there, and be COMPLETELY amazed by the artistic ability of this man.  Apparently he’s writing a book. 

This is why I stick to waffles….

Oink Oink..haha awesome.

Seriously? How did he get the pancake golf club to stand up?

Oh pretty, but probably clay. How else do you explain the vibrancy? My pancakes suck in comparison.

Fine craftsmanship there buddy

Now he’s just bragging. But he can brag, he made a frickin FERRIS WHEEL.

OH! Cheeseburger for breakfast! Also, probably clay.

I want him to be my dad. Just for the pancakes. PLEASE!!!! I’ll clean the house and stir the batter and clean the dishes and I won’t ask for much! I have a job and pay my own bills.  ADOPT MEEEEEE…

I need a hobby that people can be in awe over.  Check back soon, and maybe I’ll come up with one. Probably not.


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