The Mafia Just did my car inspection

I went to get my car inspected today.  There was no where to park because there were 3 cars scattered in front of the building and there was one car in the bay that was not getting worked on.  There were some guys talking behind the building probably plotting my demise.  I went inside and passed an old man sitting in a chair with a cane.  He said HI but did not tell anyone that I was there. So I stood inside alone until I could finally get someones attention.  The guy comes inside and I say “i’m here to get my car inspected” and he’s all Ok, no problem and he takes my keys.  So I start looking around this sad little room I’m in and I see an almost empy bottle of Armani cologne on the shelf, womens sunglasses, an old style phone sitting on a pile of stuff, a keyboard on shelf with a styrofoam cup on it and I see this:

Oh.My.Gah. It’s the Mafia.

Notice the lone car window roller thingy on the bottom shelf, it says HELP.. Even it’s afraid. Notice the shelf above just has stuff scattered?  The signs in this place dont even make complete sentences.  There is no sign for prices…just $19.99 oil change painted on the window.  What if they charge me $90 for this inspection? I’d have to run away but I think the Mafia can run fast so I would just have to pay with my body.  Seriously. Clean this place up, mafia. The windows are nasty, the chairs are covered in what are probably blood stains.  Seriously. Clean this place up, mafia.  I’m on to you.  There’s a staircase outside of the door and I think that’s where all the people are in this place. Upstairs murdering and removing fingers.  I swear at one point I heard a thud and a lot of moving around.  The underground section under the bay is probably where the bodies and drugs are kept. Probably.  I still don’t know why that old guy was sitting in the bay with his cane.

Also, when the guy came in to get me to pay (not the same guy that did the inspection) he said oh we forgot to get your insurance, haha, and I was all oh I know, but I have it in my purse! I’ll get it outno no it’s ok, I trust you.   He is my cousin and he is new, he forgot but I told him you were my customer and it’s OK I know you have it.  And i was like yeah.. ok. well it’s in my purse if you want me to shno no, it’s ok. You just come back whenever you need anything. Engine light on? Come in, I’ll check it. No Problem.  Anytime.
So, I think the Mafia is actually afraid of ME.



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  1. It a copy cat of the Sweeney Todd. They kill there customers up stairs, hit a trap door and the bodies pile up in the lube bay under the cars

  2. I am right the small Korean woman at McDonalds her son works there

  3. um, I hate to tell you that what he means by “I’ll check your engine light” is actually “I’ll cut your break lines for posting this”…. just sayin.

  4. Yeah probably right, should get your check engine light checked out at Auto Zone. You get to keep your life

  5. DON’T YOU GET IT?!? The old guy who was sitting in the bay with his cane is probably the il capo della famiglia, you know like the GodFather!!! He was there to oversee things and make sure that the money laundering and drug deals were happening as planned!

    Are we now on the hit list too just for making comments to your blog. Darn it, I think I might need to enroll into a witness protection program!

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