Water Conservation > Sanitation

I went to California last week and made a stop at a little shop on the side of Pacific Coast Highway…in the bathroom I found a peculiar sign:
So…would you rather me NOT wash my hands?

Um…I thought the sign in the bathroom USUALLY said “employees must wash hands” or something along those lines.  NOT in California.  They conserve water out there. 

So as I’m washing my hands I’m ok, am I supposed to wash my hands? Or not? Conserve water = don’t use this sink? Or use if fast? In that case, what about the rule that I’m supposed to sing the alphabet or happy birthday song to myself while I wash to make sure I wash long enough to kill the germs?  As you can see I was very bothered by this little broken sign.  Oh…broken because maybe the shop saw the confusion it was causing so they tried to remove it but the glue was to sticky? Maybe.  Either way, I washed my hands and killed the germs and took this picture.
Updated: I see that the sign is held on by screws, so my glue theory is shot.  So, whatever California…suck it up…I washed my hands and used your water.  You have the ocean, there’s a lot of water in there to replenish what I used.

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