You would love my beard

Picture a full beard with a triangle shape cut out on each side. That’s what I picture for me.  I wouldn’t just have a bushy beard or goatee or moustache or soul patch.  I would have a healthy beard so that I can make art.  It’s art that grows back to make NEW art!

 While I was searching for the kind of beard I would have I found these noble beards:

Um, Heck yeah! I would totally rock a monkey tail beard. This guy would be my friend. and we would have monkey tail beards together.
I think the hair in the design should be thicker so the shapes are more defined.
This one is my style. I like the lines in it. Looks good buddy. Looks good.

Those were amateurs, check this guy out:

This guy is legit. A bridge? Are you kidding me? Well Played.
Keep smiling dude, you have a friggin windmill on your face made out of YOUR facial hair. You’re my beard hero.

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