Nice Try, Zoo.

Went to the zoo while I was in San Francisco and saw lots of cool animals….zebras, anteaters, peacocks, giraffes, lions, tigers and bears, oh my!


Then, I came to the Alligators. Or where the Alligators were “supposed” to be.  This is what I found:

Really? And he wasn’t alone! There were 2 metal alligators, I guess so they ONE wouldn’t get lonely.  Maybe the metal alligator species is in danger, and they needed TWO here to begin reproducing.  I wonder what country metal alligators are native to?  Also they were CAGED IN.  Metal Alligator shapes in a cage.  To keep them from hurting me? To keep me from bending them? I have not friggin clue. Nice try, San Fran, your tricks didn’t work on this Texan.

I wonder what you feed metal alligators? I bet they don’t drink water…wouldn’t want them to rust


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