Just Blogging to Blog

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged and it’s just time. I need to do it. I have no creativity in my brain right now. None. I’m tired. I’m odd.  I thought today was the 14th and was planning on going to watch a band tonight (Rabbits Got the Gun) in Fort Worth, TX but then I was informed that today is the 15th.  But YAY! That means it’s payday! Also means it’s pay the bills day…grrrrr…

Oh that reminds me of a text convo between me and K-Star:

K-STAR: grrrrr

ME: Rawr?


ME: Caw

K-STAR: (whatever sound a giraffe makes)

ME: That doesnt count.

and then I sent her a voice memo of me making an elephant noise. Pretty sure that means I WIN.

Also, one morning I asked her if all Honey Badgers are normally aggressive or only the ones with rabies.  She replied “um, pineapples” ….WTF! What if that was an actual emergency? What if I was face to face with a honey badger and was trying to decided whether I was about to be ripped to shreds?? She said “well then you should carry a pineapple with you at all times”.  Thanks friend. You better be at my funeral when I’m eaten by a badger because the pineapple tactic didn’t work.

Also, I planked yesterday for the first time. Epic. probably not epic. I’m old and like way behind on what’s cool these days. But I wanted to see what all the planking hype was about. I hate to admit…planking was extremely fun and made me laugh a lot.  Dang it.

Ok…apparently I did have stuff to talk about…how ’bout that?


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