I don’t have a title, just read it.

So, I was playing softball last night and had a vision of the pitcher turning around and just throwing the softball at the guy who was contemplating running from 2nd base to 3rd.  And it made me laugh.  I thought how awesome that would be if the pitcher could just turn and throw and be like ah-ha! that’ll teach you to run when I’m not looking.. I thought of scenarios, the type of ball you would use, rules, etc…and I was getting excited about it.

Well when I got back to the dugout, I expressed my thoughts…and someone said oh, like in Kickball?


How did I NOT know that pegging people was standard in kickball.  Why am I not playing kickball? Wait, I know the answer to that – I don’t want to get hit by the, Why am I not watching kickball?? That would be amazing!  Watching people furiously running to 2nd and then POW! Right in the kisser! Hilarious. Just thinking about it makes me laugh.  Also, I remembered that I just recently found out that someone I know plays kickball so that makes me wonder why in 1 weeks time have I been informed of Kickball 2 times.  Isn’t it wierd how that happens?  You don’t hear of something like ever, and then once you hear it, it’s ALL around you?

Like badgers.  Honey Badgers.  I hadn’t really thought much about the creatures until K-Star started randomly sending me Badger pictures and then threatened to bring one to work.  Then Jenny over at talks about badgers all the time, then there’s a commercial about badgers which caused me to ask K-Star if all Honey Badgers are vicious or if only the rabid ones are.  See? It all comes full circle.


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