My Mind has a Mind of it’s own…

Last night, I was driving home and a truck with 2 guys pulled up beside me.  The passenger was hanging out the window trying to get my attention and when I noticed him he pointed to my car and mouthed what looked like “flat tire”.  Hello sir, my car has sensors that let me know when I have low tire pressure and it’s saying no such thing right now.  So I will NOT be pulling over on the side of the highway so that you can rape, pillage, and murder me. No thank you.

Also, when you’re sick you have strange dreams.  Case In Point: I was home all day – sick – and I was watching a car chase on TV with terrorists chasing someone down and shooting them, and the lights in the rooms started going off.  Not the power in the rooms, just the lights.  So I got the shotgun out of the the closet but it wasn’t loaded and I didn’t know which way the bullets went in (actually I’m pretty sure I should just use the term “ammo” because I feel confident that bullets isn’t the right thing for a shotgun).  Apparently I have a real fear of needing the shotgun and not knowing how to load it.  I should really learn that before something bad actually happens.  OK Back to the dream…shotgun, closet, etc…So then it was dark outside and Jessica came over to workout (turbo kick) and my hair was soaking wet and the lights were all out and half my kitchen was in my living room (the part of the counter with the sink and that felt pretty normal actually) and I had the unloaded shotgun because I was afraid of terrorists.  Thinking about it now, it was unloaded so how the heck was that going to do any good?  Dream me sure wasn’t a thinker. So I was like OK, well I’m not really ready to workout, I kind of forgot about you coming over, and half my kitchen is in the living room so I’m not sure where we will workout.  So we went outside and stumbled upon an outdoor attempted murder trial and got there just in time for the verdict of guilty, but the victim wasn’t sure what guilty meant so after the verdict was read, she said OH! So they think he DID try to kill me? OK GREAT! and she walked away.

The End. I woke up.


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  1. Um. Pineapple vagina. Yes bc Amy winehouse is a very talented ghost. Too soon?

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