Angry Rant About Happiness

Hi. I’m Happy. Every day. Mostly. I’m going through a divorce. Me and my ex-husband still share a house (separate bedrooms of course) and I have no idea when that situation will change. I have a sperm donor dad who breaks my heart every time he sends me an email. I have a freakishly long commute to and from work every day. I have put over 4000 miles on my car since June 5. I spend a lot of time sitting in my car…. and I’m happy.

Let me be happy dangit.

Oh, you have an opinion on my life? How I live it? The choices I make? Ok, you’re entitled to that opinion. But once you share it, drop it. If I feel it’s relevant and you are someone who matters in my life, I will consider it. But I won’t let you ruin my happy. I am an adult. Yes, a young adult and I know I still have a lot to learn but LET ME LEARN IT. I know you may be trying to help and I appreciate your efforts, but my decisions ultimately effect/affect (I have no clue which ones right) me and not you. Yes, I do want to get remarried and be in love and be happy. The speed at which I decide to do that is my choice. Only I know my feelings. You don’t. What happened to you may or may not happen to me. I’m smart. I’m level headed most of the time. I have faith that God will guide my life if I let Him and I am letting Him guide it right now and I am pretty darn happy about where it’s being led.

I’ll stay happy because everyday I wake up with a roof over my head, food in the pantry, money in my wallet, friends and family who love me, a job, a car, breath in my lungs, a beat in my heart, and faith in my God. The world can try to bring me down, but it’s only temporary. I’ll be happy yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

I challenge you to do the same.


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  1. Love it! Thanks. I’m always happy and it freaks people out. They just don’t understand how I’m always happy, no matter what. Every morning I wake up, the first decision I make is if I want to be happy or not. I always choose happy, because even if the day sucks, if I’m happy, it won’t affect me much.

    I say f’em. You’ll figure it out some day, and if you decide you want their advice, YOU will go to THEM.

    PS: This is usually how I remember the affect/effect problem. Affect (v) – does something to another thing. Effect (n) – result of the affect. My Schwartz greatly affected her. The effect my Schwartz had on her was great. Sorry, I’ve had Spaceballs on the brain lately and I have *no* idea why.

    • Thanks!! I usually do good at brushing off the negative sometimes it gets to me for a minute but this little rant helped!!
      Thanks for the affect/effect help. Ill probably still use it wrong tho! Lol

  2. Wow, that’s some deep shhh…Oh wait, I almost forgot you don’t allow cussing in your blog, haha! But on a serious note, nicely put and I wish you luck 🙂

  3. Don’t hold back next time….say what you really feel!!!!

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