I May Have Skills

I ran across a sample blog post idea the other day that said “are there any new skills you developed in the last year?” and I thought to myself, yeah, maybe I’ll write about that.

So. I got to thinking about my skills. Well, I might consider blogging a skill and I just picked that up, so yay! 1 new skill for me! Um, I learned how to make good tacos and I was told I “perfected the art of chili” so I think that’s a skill. I drove 8 miles past the “0 miles till E” notice on my car and made it to the gas station. Pretty sure that took some skill. I walk in 5 inch heels…that’s another one. If you’re counting, that’s 5 skills. Go Me.

So basically, yeah, I’ve got skills… but I am missing one.

I want to teleport. If I was a superhero, or had super powers, I would want to teleport. I could be sitting here and be like oh, I want a Sundrop and BAM! I’d be at the fridge getting one. Or hey, I have to pee, but don’t really have time or want to walk all the way to the bathroom then BAM! I’d be in the bathroom in the blink of an eye. You would have to be careful with blinking and thinking at the same time though because if you were thinking about Pakistan and then blinked, you might suddenly find yourself in Pakistan. So I would use my powers carefully. But I would totally go to another country on my lunch hour and eat at exotic restaurants and visit extraordinary places. I would hope that my powers would allow me to take people with me tho because it would be pretty boring to do all that by myself. Like if you were holding my hand, you could go to Egypt with me. That would be cool.

What about you? Have you developed any new skills? Or what skills do you WANT to develop?


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  1. My new skill- I learned to hyphenate my name. You’re welcome.

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