Meet Harold

I love Target for SEVERAL reasons, but yesterday I found my favorite thing ever at Target. 

How It Happened:
Shopping at Target with the Ex Husband, in the food section, near the garden section.  While I’m waiting for him to pick out his flavored water I venture to the garden section to look at large pots …. and then it happened… in the lonely corner of the garden section on the bottom shelf:


I quickly call the ex over and say “look at what I found!!!!” and he shakes his head and says “that’s not going in my yard“….

[Now, I know what you’re isn’t he your ex? Well, yes he is, but we do still share a house and I do respect that it’s his yard, too. ]
Anyway, back to the story….I’m like Look how cute they are!! oh my gosh I want one so bad!!! But, I don’t really want to pay $30 for it today…eh, oh well… and I walked away all the way to the checkout counter.
The Epiphany:
Then it hits me… I don’t just want that peacock.  I NEED that peacock. AND I have a $10 gift card.  Um, that makes that a $20 peacock. They’re practically paying me to buy him.  I leave the ex in line and run to the back corner of the store and happily pick up Harold.

Meet Harold


The Purchase:
I get to the checkout line, and the ex didn’t wait for me. He’s already checking out and almost done, which is OK.  I needed quality bonding time alone with Harold anyway.  I notice people are kind of looking at me and Harold but I don’t mind.  I get one person away from checking out and see the ex waiting ahead at an empty checkout line…I turn Harold’s head to him and cawwww like I think a peacock would sound.  Now I KNOW people are looking at me.  People actually commented on how cute Harold is.  They were probably really jealous that I have one and they don’t.  I let one lady know that there was one left back there all alone and he needs a home (I may go purchase Harold’s friend soon) . 
So I checkout, and Harold and I head home.  Since I know that Harold is not allowed in the front yard (not just because the ex won’t allow it, I don’t want him to get stolen) I have to decide where he will live.  I found the perfect place:

Harold lives on the bookshelf by my bed.

Keep stopping by, because I already let the ex know that he should expect to find Harold where he least expects it and I WILL be blogging about it. 

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