I’m just being honest

I wish I was shorter so I could wear high heels and not be taller than most guys

I’m extrememly shy and self conscious around new people

I’m extremely not shy but still self conscious around old people. Well, not old people, but my friends who are not new.

I want to be loved by everyone

I hate that about myself

I’m terrified of spiders – but you probably knew that

Purple is my FAVORITE color

I talk argue in my sleep

I am not very good at coordinating my wardrobe, so I don’t match a lot. Which does not help my self consciousness

I don’t wear much jewelry because I don’t remember to put it on and I don’t own a lot of jewelry because I don’t want to waste money on things I’ll forget to wear

The lack of jewelry makes me feel plain

I hate my feet

I have big boobs and they’re annoying. I’d gladly drop a cup size or 2.

I love to rearrange furniture

I like to color when I’m bored

My favorite movie is PS I Love You

I could easily tell you 50 things I hate about myself and you will easily tell me I’m foolish for thinking those things, but it doesn’t matter. I think them anyway

I don’t care how skinny you think I am, I have fat days.

Zebras are the coolest looking animals

Frogs are my favorite amphibian

I’m perfectly content with calm and quiet and relaxing. Nightlife is fun, but I’m too tired for it.

I have a really hard time letting God take control of my life, but I work hard everyday to allow Him to hold the reigns

Money stresses me out faster and more than anything can


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  1. Now, make the same list of things you like about you. And remember, I’m here no matter what kind of day you’re having! Love and hugs from my heart to yours!

  2. Are we the same person?

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