Soap Box

Why haven’t those Chick Fil A cows learned to spell yet? Chikin fir brekfust? really? They can climb a billboard and learn to draw letters, but they can’t figure out that CHIKIN is spelled CHICKEN!!!??? it’s the most common word they spell.  I don’t get it.  I mean, they should progress or something.  Makes me glad I just had beef for lunch…haha.

Why is it that no matter what the flavor of coffee is, it still tastes like bitter, nasty, crap??? If it’s a chocolate flavored coffee, I shouldn’t have to add 1 pound of cream and sugar to it to make it bearable.  Come on coffee people, make coffee taste better. Now.

Someone tell me why there are rundown hotels out there that look like they house all the criminals in the city, and tell me why cops haven’t busted in and raided every single freakin one of them.  Seriously, these places are “hotels” but there is no way in heck that  I would stay there. You always see the same cars there – because the prostitutes and their pimps LIVE there and the crack dealer LIVES in room 2b. I guess.  I don’t actually know what room he’s in. I guess it could be a she. I don’t know lady, stop picking apart my sentences and let me back up on my soap box.  Anyway, for real, how do these places exist? There is NO WAY they are a legit business registering with the state.  Cops – get with the program.  please?

I think that’s all for today’s soap box-check back soon, I’m sure I’ll find more crap to complain about.


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  1. Sara, you’re one of the most random bloggers I’ve ever read. Honestly, after reading your blog, I don’t think you should drink coffee. EVER. That being said, your blog is indeed, “awesome”. Don’t change a thing!

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