I think I forgot how to be funny

Seriously, my brain is busted.  It doesn’t work.  I just realized I have been talking to someone at work, and had NO idea what his name is, only to find out that it’s someone in charge of stuff and I had NO idea.  Now I’m trying to think back to every conversation I’ve EVER had with him to make sure I haven’t said anything stupid.  Who knows, I’m sure I have.  Holy crap and was I WAY off on this guy.  Thought he was short – he’s tall.  Beard? Nope, bald.  What the heck! Wow..I just need to start paying attention I guess. 

CPR cat, you are not alone.

other reasons why I’m my brain is busted? hm…I was making a phone call and when they answered it scared me because I forgot I was on the phone and then I stumbled through my question.  brain = broken….I remember there WERE other moments in this last week where I thought “oh…girl…you are an idiot’…just can’t remember what they were.

Do you have any examples of my brain being broken this week?  What about yours?  Please share….


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  1. hahahahaha….pllllleeeeeaaaaassssseeee tell me this happened at the gym!

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