Things I Love

Sundrop. Diet and regular – but I prefer Diet

The crumbs at the bottom of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal.  YUM!!! i love all that cinnamon and sugar

Cookie Dough.  I do not care if it has uncooked eggs, it is the best snack/breakfast ever

Coffee Creamer- not coffee.  They should just make caffeinated creamer, and then I could do away with the coffee altogether.  Don’t you steal my idea, I’m about to be rich on that one.

Pencils.  I just love to write with a good, sharp pencil

Peacocks.  Like Harold.  He’s the best peacock ever.  Quiet, and pretty. 

Frogs.  Because this one time, I thought there was a frog in a parking lot and really it was a tar mark on the concrete, but I didn’t realize this until I had already yelled “OHHH FROG!!” and ran over to it…sadly, it was no secret that I mistook a tar stain for a frog. 

Lemonade.  I just love lemonade.

Singing.  Also, I’m darn good at it.

Rapping (not raping, i do not love raping. don’t get confused) Not as good at that as I am at singing…but I love it.  I have a video of it but I don’t know how to link to it, because I’m not good with computers and stuff. Maybe one day.



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