The Vacuum. It Taunts Me.

I recently ripped up all the carpet in my house.  Yay!!! No More Carpet!!!!

Also, no more vaccuuming….most people would be excited about this part too, but not me..  This part is where I have trouble.  I am a chronic vacummer.  I vacuum obsessively.  Let me give you some examples:  When the salesman came over to sell me a $3000 vacuum and show me how his vacuum kicked my vacuums butt I spent the following hour after he left vacuuming my house and the beds.  NO!!! Your vacuum is NOT better than mine!! I’ll show you!! Look at these floors!!! When it’s workout time, and I’m doing pushups in the living room, I see all the hair and dirt and whatever else and have to tell myself to wait. Vacuum later. Not in front of Jessica.  But sometimes she catches me.  She’s been known to arrive early to shoeless Sara, haphazardly dressed in her workout clothes, feverishly vacuuming before the workout.  But now I can’t vacuum.. My vacuum sits in the corner taunting me: 

vacuumHey..look at that dirt over there, want me to get it? – ohhh nevermind, I CAN’T because that’s not carpet, and I’m not made to vacuum concrete.  Hmm, so you just gonna use that broom over there? Good luck…
Me:  Shut up, vacuum

So, today I SWEPT my entire house.  Kitchen, hallways, entryway, bedrooms, bathrooms, living room.  Who freaking knew there could be that much dirt. THAT is why I vacuumed as much as I did.  I just didn’t even realize how much dirt gets in the house.  In the carpet.  Now on concrete, it’s so obvious.  It was everywhere.  Add in 2 dogs and a cat and there’s hair everywhere, too.  Whyyyy oh whyyyyy did we remove the carpet?? Now, I am so much more aware of how dirty the floors are and sweeping takes way longer than vacuuming.  I am now an obsessive sweeper.  and I’m not sure how I feel about that.  

I did use the vacuum tho.  I got the edges with the attachment.  Didn’t want him to feel left out of the cleaning process…and I must admit, I missed him a little.



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  1. here’s my advice, since we have no carpet either…
    sweep with the broom, use a Dry Swiffer on the swiffer mop, and then mop the floor with something appropriate for concrete. the swiffer sweeper kicks dirts ass

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