We made it 40 days with the temperature over 100 degrees and then some stupid clouds had to go and screw it up?? We get NO glory from the record books for all we endured? Oh, ok, we get the new 2nd place…WELL THAT’S NOT GOOD ENOUGH.  I know what people are going to say in future years:  Summer of 2011…almost as good as 1980.  Why did mother nature let us get so close, and then pull the heat rug right out from under us?  It would be different if yesterday’s under 100 degree day marked the start of cooler temperatures, but no.  Today it’s going to be over 100.  Tomorrow: over 100.  We STILL have to deal with that heat. 

Darn you 1980. 

At least we beat the highest Low temperature. Take that 1980.

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