Cookie Dough and Red Wine

Not a good combination.  Why would I mix the two you ask?  Well, I assure you it wasn’t on purpose.  I had a glass of Cabernet sitting on my nighstand and was drinking it after dinner.  At some point I decided I wanted some cookie dough..because, well, why not?  So, I go to the kitchen, get my cookie dough and eat it.  I get back in bed and grab my wine.  Ohhhhhh, I swear it tasted like I was drinking nail polish remover.  Oh. My. Gosh.  It was terrible.  Why do 2 of my favorite things hate each other so much????

Whyyyyyy can't my favorite things get along?!


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  1. Brownies and wine always go good together. Maybe it’s time to switch over to the dark side of snack-dom?

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