If you do this, I might hit you

Incorrect usage of the english language is something that gets under my skin.  I get if you are using text speak, or using well-known abbreviations, but there are some words that just need to be used correctly…. unless you like knuckle impressions on your face.

Asked.  It is NOT aksed or axed.  Spell it out.  It’s right there for you ….A.S.K.E.D.  aaaasssskked.  does the E throw you off? think if it as ASKD.  Maybe that will help

Twice.  This is probably a southern thing, but it’s TWICE. Not twiced.  Please stop.

Across.  Not Acrosst or Acrossed.  This must also be a southern thing because I hear it a lot.  But I’m here in the south, raised in the south and I say across like the dictionary tells me to. 

Idea VS Ideal.  Both real words.  Sometimes an idea is an IDEAL.   But if you are saying IDEAL and you mean IDEA. Get ready for a rapid fire of punches.

Supposedly: believed or reputed to be the case.  Supposably is NOT a word.  Supposable is and it means: capable of being supposed.  These words are not synonyms and most people who use Supposably actually mean it as Supposedly so they are using it wrong which irritates me and makes my fist twitch.

Randomly dropping off letters in a word.  For example:  saying an when you mean and. AN is a word and should not be used in place of AND.  That drives me crazy!!!! AN comes before an object.  An Ice cream cone.  An apple. AND links things together.  Ice cream AND apples.  NOT Ice cream an apples.  That just doesn’t make sense. 

I already have a bruised knuckle from practicing my punching on a punching bag, and I really don’t want to have to punch you and hurt myself further.  So, please just use words the way they are meant to be used and spare my fist.


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  1. Don’t forget their/there/they’re and your/you’re and its/it’s. Also when grown people expect me to take them seriously wen dey be typin lik dis. I automatically assume you’re ignoragnt, and that your parents and education system have failed you. CaPiToLiZiNG RaNDoM lETTerS iS fOr TeeNAge GirLS. I assume you to be equally ignorant and also possessing no musical taste. You probably like “indie rock” and have a facebook album labeled “photography” consisting of 100 pictures of yourself looking off camera in black and white and sepia tones.

    Drives. Me. Crazy.

    • Lmao I LOVE this comment and I agree!! I didn’t even touch on those annoyances. I totally should though. When I read comments on news stories or celeb stories I want to claw my eyes out because of how people write in those comments. It’s absolutely ridiculous. What’s worse is sometimes the people have a good point, but I totally discredit them based on the grammar.

  2. Could you also inform the world that the “t” is silent in often and that coupon is not pronounced que-pon.

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