Aches, Pains, and Chemical Burns

Staining Concrete is easy.  Prepping concrete to stain is NOT.
I recently spent a weekend prepping and staining concrete. Concrete that was poured and built upon 26 years ago.  I would just like to thank the builders who were reckless and got overspray all over the floors and didn’t give a think that maybe one day some future owner would want to rip up the carpet and possibly stain the concrete below.  I spent 8 hours Saturday afternoon using adhesive remover and paint thinner and let me tell you…that stuff BURNS!!!! It doesn’t even have to touch your skin for you to know how much it burns.  Even with chemical resistant gloves on, your hands feel like they’re on fire and your fingers swell up. Water doesn’t help, it makes it burn worse.  There were also several “oh *$@*#!” moments as some of the chemical gets on your skin and you make a mad dash to the sink while frantically trying to get the fiery gloves off your hands without getting the chemical on another part of your body.
The plus side? I’m probably almost a ninja now since I was forced to realize how much pain I could handle, because sometimes you just couldn’t get the gloves off fast enough and you literally just have to stand there and let your body burn.  It’s like torture and I’m not even exaggerating.

It’s been 2 weeks and I STILL have burns on my skin.  They look like bubbly blisters.  Awesome.

Before! With Otis the Guardian Cat.


After! With The Jake trying to find a place to hide his bone


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