I hate it when I have a fake syndrome

I hate when pharmaceutical companies make up fake syndromes and then I realize that I think I HAVE that syndrome but refuse to do anything about it or call it the name of the syndrome because I still don’t believe it exists….

Like restless leg syndrome.  When I first heard that commercial years ago I laughed at it.  How dumb. Of course sometimes you’re legs don’t want to sit still. Doesn’t that happen to everyone?? Now they’re just trying to make money off of it.  Chalk it up to too much caffeine and take a walk to tire out those restless legs.   You think that until you’re laying in bed with those restless legs and you can’t get comfortable.  Legs straight…No, bend the knees…bend one knee… turn on your side…kick your feet really fast…you try everything to make them chill the F out.  Everything accept admit that maybe those pharmaceutical companies have something that could actually help and allow you to sleep.  Dang it.


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