My blog is found in some of the strangest ways.

I always enjoy browsing the different search terms people used to find my blog….I’m going to take this time to share some of my favorite and most odd…Im not sure if putting search terms in a post about search terms will create like a searching black hole, but I’m posting anyway because I need a little excitement in my life.

The award for most disturbing goes to: “brother peeing in sisters mouth” Honestly, I have NO idea how that led them to me and quite frankly, I’m distrurbed by it. I don’t even want that person on my blog. ever.

Funniest is probably: “i like to grab my boobs, well because i can” I just love this. Someone googled this sentence. and somehow it brought them to me. awesome.

Most Awesome: “cat dont get angry” I’d like to know what they were looking for? Do they have an angry cat? were they looking for a remedy? Either way, I’m glad they searched it because it made me laugh.

Here is someone who should be calling poison control, not googling: “drinking nail polish remover”.

This one was just odd: “funny ways to make fun of world of warcraft”

Just for fun, I copied and pasted all of them below.

Sophia, someone searched you one day and it brought them to my blog. I hope you don’t have a stalker. Or maybe you searched yourself one day. It’s ok if you did.

All Time

Search Views
saraellenawesome 69 9
i forgot how to be funny 6
monkey tail beard 4
kind beard 4
fat goatee guy 2
mascara for cars 2
nope cat 2
designs beard 2 2
saraellenawesome blog 2
beard patch 2
good beard styles 2
how should i style my beard 2
carstaches 2
he’s cute, i swear let me find a better picture 2
art dude beard 2
saraellenawesome. 2
reasons to stop cpr 2
9 ways to flatten your belly in one week 2
saraellenawesome blogspot 2
beard with lines 2
saraellenawesome wordpress 2
mad at you 2
i forgot hjow to be funny!? 1
life is awesome apron 1
9 ways to flatten your stomach 1
cpr cat is an idiot 1
cat funny he only hits me cuz he loves me 1
9 ways to flatten belley 1
funny cat pictures taller 1
9 ways to slimming your tummy article 1
+9 ways to a flat tummy 1
9 ways to flatten your stomach in 1 week 1
am i an arachnophobic 1
i love my beard 1
gir andi love tacos 1
tacos everyday? 1
flat tummy wraps 1
design my beard 1
pic cpr cat 1
”pool stick“ “leave a comment” 1
do body wraps flatten tummy 1
i am not an idiot it just 1
triangle beard 1
annoyed funny 1
pretty eyes 1
every tall person needs a short one 1 1
brother peeing in sisters mouth 1
don’t throw stuff at eachother 1
mexican home 1
can you use tape to flatten tummy? 1
i like to grab my boobs, well because i can 1
mustaches for cars 1
chemical cat funny 1
water conservationsanitation 1
cat on the phone 1
don’t play with chainsaws 1
windmill in my beard 1
you suck angry 1 1
the bloggess kstar 1
healthy beard 1
don’t let your hair define you quotes 1
anvil soul patch 1
how to flatten your stomach with tape 1
sophia kerley 1
cat dont get angry 1
water conservation/sanitation 1
how to make beard 1
funny ways to make fun of world of warcraft 1
rooster and bull 1
drinking nail polish remover 1
nine wyas to flatten your stomach 1

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  1. Love the blog, so I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Check our post about it here…

  2. I’m concerned that there are a lot of beard searches. Are you a man? I feel that since you are one of my closest friends I should be notified if you are… Not that it matters. But just in case I decided to enter us into a contest where having a vagina is required.

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