Caffeinated Beret Wearing Blogger

I have already had a mocha-double-starbucks-something-caffeinated this morning, and yet I still sit here with heavy eyelids begging me to go lay my head down and sleep. And I’m cold.  What’s new with that though. I’m always cold.  Ask my dear boyfriend.  He is my heater, I am his icebox and it’s very convenient.  Except that when I’m cold I also put the blanket over him even though it makes him feel like he’s burning alive but he endures it because he loves me and that’s really sweet. Anyway, I’m sitting here super sleepy despite the high levels of caffeine.  I think the only solution is to drink more coffee.  I also have a sinus headache and it’s all my fault because yesterday I was saying I’m in need of a sickday where I am forced to sleep all day because I don’t feel good.  Well hello sinus pressure and pain.  Thanks for greeting me this morning.  Don’t worry though, I’ve got some sudafed to whoop up on you. 

Oh and I have to wear a beret…for Italian day.  I think that’s not a correct use of a beret..unless I was in the Italian military.  Maybe I’ll pretend I’m in the Italian military while I’m wearing it and I’ll randomly march around or tuck and roll and have moments where I yell GET DOWN! because there’s an imaginary grenade about to land by the pasta.  I’ll make it work.


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