My head is full of snot, so I’m phoning this one in.

Me: I’m gonna pick up something borrowed on the way home

Chris: huh?

Me: oh, ok i can see how that doesn’t make sense.   Let me rephrase I’m going to pick up “something borrowed” the movie on the way home

Chris: oh nevermind, i thought you meant literally, something borrowed. 

Chris: Doesn’t that have your man in it?

Me: uh, my man will be sitting next to me watching it with me I hope.

Me after a small pause:  ….but yes.

P.S. The main dude in that movie is the most beautiful thing on earth (besides my boyfriend. duh.)

P.P.S.  On the beach in that movie, Kate Hudson wears shorts that I literally saw in a magazine and made fun of before I ever saw that movie.  So now I’m making fun of you Kate Hudson.  Not you personally, but the person who dressed you in that movie.  They look like a doily.


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  1. The guy in that movie is seriously hot. Nice call.

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