I honestly considered killing him, but then I would have had to get out of bed

I think Otis the cat is depressed.

Why else would he wander the house at night meowing for no reason? Seriously. All. Night.

Recap: recently I moved back home with my parents and brother and sister. Also, 2 other cats and a giant dog. Otis has been staying in the main house, while I live in the RV behind the house. Well, Otis and the other cats fight constantly. I’m pretty sure they talk crap to each other as the pass each other in the halls. Like “hey, this is my hall, find your own place to stare at nothing” and then I’m pretty sure one cat gets mouthy as she’s walking away and then Otis is like “WHAT!? say that to my face!” And she does, and then fur is a’flying. Literally. Fur everywhere.

ANYWAY, my mom started complaining that Otis has been meowing ALL night, so I suggested that he missed sleeping in my bed, so I’ll just start keeping him in the RV with me. He didn’t miss me. No, he meowed all night. First night, I got up and took him in the house at about 2:45 am. Second night I left him in with me and suffered through it. All the blinds in the RV were jacked up (if you have a cat, you KNOW what they do to blinds), Harold was knocked to the floor, I was yelling things like “WHY CAN’T YOU JUST SHUT UP! OTIS, COME HERE! SHUT UUUUUUP”. I’m pretty sure I almost cried. If that wasn’t enough to keep me from sleeping, Jake was restlessly watching Otis’ every move and he kept jumping on the bed, off the bed, on the bed, off the bed, if Otis got on the bed, Jake fought him until he jumped off. ALLLLL NIGHT.

The next morning, I walked past Otis while he was sleeping peacefully, and just started talking to him saying things like “hey, are you sleeping good? don’t let me wake you or anything. Oh, does my talking bother you? I would hate to keep you from your beauty sleep, I guess you’re sleeping all day so you have the energy to stay awake all night and meow and keep me awake.” Then I realized I was talking to a cat, and he was blankly staring at me because he’s a cat, and understood nothing.

So basically, I’m really exhausted right now and I’ve got constant sinus pressure becuase I think Texas pissed off mother nature and she was like HA! No Rain For You! Probably.


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  1. See, that’s exactly why I have DOGS. They take up a whole lot more room on the bed and occasionally get into the garbage but my dogs are master sleepers ;p

  2. I liked your post but absolutely loved your title.

  3. Cats HATE to move. I moved once (I had a dog and two cats at them time) to a town 2 hours away. The cats howled the whole drive there and when I arrived at the new (and empty) house, they methodically walked through the house hissing at each and every room.

    “You suck, room! Yeah, you too strange bathroom! You call yourself a kitchen? You blow!”

    Had there been a burlap sack handy and a river nearby, those cats would’ve met their maker 10 years early.

    • this cat has moved a couple times and has been fine. This time, however, since I moved in with my parents, he was forced to live with 2 other cats and another dog. I think it stressed him out and he wasn’t getting as much attention. Since I’ve had him with me at night, and kicked out the dog, he’s been fine. He has attention and peace and quiet and he’s back to normal. FINALLY!!!!

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