Stupid anemia

I freaking bruise like a banana. Or a peach.  Or a person with iron deficiency anemia.  Ugh.  It’s just annoying and I feel like ranting about it so here I am. I kicked myself in the shin the other day and now I have a big ugly bruise.  I constantly have bruises on my forearms from doorknobs, outside of my thighs from counters, and other random places just because I’m clumsy.  The definition of a bad combination is anemia and a clumsy person.  Plus my fiance is the hulk minus the green part, and sometimes he can tickle me to hard and I get a bruise.  I promise he doesn’t bruise me on purpose, I’m just sensitive and the poor guy is just freakishly strong.  I mean he carried the washer and dryer from the truck to the storage unit by himself.  Seriously? How is that possible.  It’s ridiculous…and hot 🙂



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  1. How do you kick yourself in the shin?

    • You know, that crossed my mind too. But then I remembered I’ve actually seen her walk. It’s terrifying.

    • oh yeah, I guess I forgot to ellaborate. I was trying to mess with my fiance’s doberman. I was inching my foot closer and closer to his rawhide bone, getting no reaction…so I put my toe on the bone and he immediately jumped and barked at me. So I kicked myself in the shin pulling my foot away from the bone. It just all happened so fast.

      Let me say that I have also given myself a bloody nose in my sleep, so I am not surprised by the shin kicking incident.

  2. Oh, don’t you hate that? I bruise like a peach too. Actually I bruise like a little kid that plays outside in the dirt, but peach sounds much more ladylike.

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