No, I can’t prove it, but it WAS a lampshade.

Ok, so my last post was about how I bruise really easily.  WELL apparently my bruising mechanism is confused.  Door knobs bruise me for sure.  A softball to the ankle?  No bruise.  WHAT?! How does that happen?  When it hit me, there was an instant bruise. By the time I got home, the bruise was gone.  Apparently I just don’t understand how bruising works.  Whatever, I’m not a scientist.

The REAL reason for this post is to tell you that I saw a lady riding her bike on the service road wearing a lampshade.  I.Freaking.Swear. I don’t have a picture because it just all happened so fast.  At first I thought it was like an oriental hat thing, but when I took another look there was no point.  It was definitely a lampshade.  Not a large one,  just big enough to fit her head.  I don’t know the purpose of the lampshade, because it wasn’t acting as a hat and protecting her from the sun.  Maybe she just didn’t have a way to carry the lampshade AND ride the bike, so her head was a suitable place? I don’t know the reasoning, all I know was she was wearing a lampshade.  And I don’t have proof. 

Also, YAY! 81 days until the wedding and holy frijoles that’s soon!! Luckily, I’ve got the venue booked, florist booked, baker booked, photographer booked, wedding party chosen, appointments made, my dress is bought.  It’s all coming along nicely. 🙂


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  1. Ooooo, I think we need details about the shade. Was it like one of those little ones from Ikea that you buy to go on a desk lamp?

    You are an incredibly quick planner – 81 days to go and it sounds as though you’ve got it all taken care of!

  2. Yes, but do you have your lampshade for the reception picked out?

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