This is a disturbing post and I’m sorry for it. Kind of.

Did you know that a woman produces like 2 million eggs but only uses about 400(I’m not certain that information is accurate, but let’s just go with it)?  Well, that’s a lot of wasted eggs.  What if you could eat unfertilized human eggs?  Like we eat unfertilized chicken eggs.  How tiny would they be? Would there be a yolk?  Egg whites?  I guess it would be like caviar because of their size and rarity.   Next question is how would you get these eggs?  Well, I decided the easiest way to get the eggs would be to get them out of the ovaries after a hysterectomy.  Then there would be no more wasted eggs! Ok so who would eat these? Only a crazy person.

There are some people who ingest the placenta from their child’s birth. Did you know there is placenta shampoo? Well there is.  Di-gus-ting. Those people would eat human caviar. Probably.

If you never come back and read my blog again after this, I will understand.  This was one of the weirdest thoughts that ever entered my head.


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  1. Girl, when you said it was a disturbing post, I had no idea just how serious you were. Are you sure you weren’t the one wearing the lampshade?

    Now what I want to know is – who in the sam hell eats placenta, from their own child no less? (well, I guess that makes sense, at least more so than eating someone else’s placenta)

  2. I’m breaking up with you

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