I was really tired, so it could have been anything actually

Driving home from my Chris’ house the other night, this coyote ran across the road.  The first time I saw it , I thought, um what? Did something just run across the road? Well, Chris did say he saw a coyote the other day in broad daylight….but this street crossing fox had a bushy tail, so maybe it wasn’t a coyote.  Then, of course, I began to wonder if this part (or any part) or Texas is “fox prone”.  It DID run like a roadrunner.  It was low to the ground, and I guess it could have had 2 legs.  I’m pretty sure my only roadrunner experience is in “meep meep” form, so I’m not super confident I know what they look like in person.  I DO have Sherman, but he’s not very active….so that doesn’t help.  And I’m quite sure if my hood doesn’t have foxes, it won’t have random roadrunners.  But the name roadrunner tells me that they do RUN across the ROAD, so now I’m confused all over again.  Maybe they just find roads to run, regardless of what state.  I’m just not sure how roadrunners work. 

So, I guess it was a coyote.  Or maybe I was just tired and it was a cat.  I’m really not positive of anything at this point.

Oh, who is Sherman, you ask? Ah, well he is a metal roadrunner (big surprise).  AND he has an attitude.  I’ll blog about him soon.  He kind of got overshadowed by that purple engagement pig 🙂


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  1. I dunno what you saw, but if it was a roadrunner, you would have known it instantly. Trust me, when I move to Arizona I’d never seen one before in person but knew right away when I did.

  2. Easy test for spotting a roadrunner. Yes, there would also be a coyote following close behind trying to smash said roadrunner with a large hammer clearly marked, “Acme”.

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