Who, me? Freaking out? Yes. Yes, I was.

So, I’m getting married in 67 days. We tried on and picked out bridesmaids dresses Saturday, and ordered them on Monday after getting confirmation from the designer that they could rush ship the dresses. Tuesday afternoon, I got a phone call from the boutique we are purchasing the dresses from saying that the designer misinformed them and they CANNOT get the dresses rushed.

OH. MY. WOW. WHAT!!???

Yeah, sorry, you have to pick out another dress and we have to order like NOW (within 24 hours) so we can guarantee the dress on time. So, you can get anything from the designers website and we will honor the price for the original dress

So. I got my matron of honor involved and she helped pick out a dress very similar to the original and I ordered it. Without them trying it on. Now I’m just praying that A. they arrive on time. B. They fit. C. They look good.


Also, I can’t figure out what color suit the men are going to wear and the lady at the rental place wasn’t very nice. Boo. No business for you. We shall go elsewhere.

Here is the link for the Emma’s. They really are awesome, and helpful and have great stuff. AND they’re a local/small business so that’s even better!


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