Littering and….

First. I hope you get the title. If not, you’re missing out on the best movie intro. OK. Probably not the BEST, but a really good one.

Second. This post is about littering and how incredibly annoying I find it.

If you litter, STOP IT. If you litter and I see you, I might ram your car with my tiny car and then sue you for making me wreck while I was being irritated by your disrespect of the earth.

Seriously, it is one of the MOST frustrating things in the world for me to be driving behind you and watch you toss a fast food bag out of the car window. REALLY?! You can’t leave the bag in your car until you arrive at your destination? Does the place you’re going not have a trash can? Holy crap, I don’t even care if you recycle it, just stop throwing it out of your window!! Maybe you think you are helping keep those community service kids in business, but there’s enough accidental trash on the road as it is, it doesn’t need your deliberate garbage added to it.

So just stop. Don’t litter. They (someone, I don’t know who) makes cute little car trash bags for you if you’re too good to hang a grocery sack from your gear knob thing. Whatever you do that makes you stop throwing trash out of the window, do it, so I don’t have to yell at you inside my car knowing you can’t hear me which makes me even more irritated but slightly relieved since I’m actually afraid that if I do yell you might shoot me.



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  1. Hey, you call it littering, I call it getting rid of evidence.

    But yeah, that shit gets on my nerves…

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