UPDATED: Curse You Solitaire!

Update: I decided not to be so angry at solitaire anymore since I won 3 times in the last two days. So consider this an apology to solitaire.
End update.

It’s an impossible game and I swear it’s missing cards. I know, it’s on the computer so it is sure to have all the cards, but it’s like a trick. The computer makes sure it’s unwinnable. People who win it often are using voodoo magic or something. I have won it a few times in my life but it’s so rare it makes me think that the computer just let’s it happen 1 in a million times so that I keep playing hoping that the next time I play I’ll win it. But I don’t win. I try and try and fail and fail. I sit here until my eyes cross trying to figure out how to make it all work and it doesn’t. I hate it when I get on a roll and am moving cards and filling up those 4 spaces at the top that I don’t know what to call and then all of a sudden, I’m stuck. No more moves. WHYYYYYYYY!!!???

Stupid Game.

And what’s with Spider solitaire? What does that even mean? There are no spiders. That’s a weird game, but it’s winnable. So I do play that when I’m mad at regular solitaire. But I only play the single suit.. I’m not brave enough to try more than one. I’m not even sure how that would work.. Probably another winless game for me.

And then there is NERTZ. Team solitaire you play with a partner. No computers involved. That game ROCKS. So fun. I don’t feel like explaining it because I’ve lost my steam, but it’s fun and you should figure out how to play or make up your own rules and then teach others to play and then when two NERTZ players from different places come together to play they will be like “WHAT KIND OF GAME iS THIS!! THAT’S NOT THE RULES!” and then that game will become impossible to win because no one will agree and then there will be another solitaire game that I hate. But for now, it still rocks.

PS. Sorry I’ve been so sucky at this blogging thing lately. I’ve got blog drafts, sitting unfinished. It’s very depressing actually. My head has awesome stuff in there, but it’s been hard to sit down and get it all out into words.

PSS. Shout out to spell check, because apparently I didn’t know how to spell Solitaire so THAT would have been embarrassing since that’s what this whole thing is about.


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