That tiger was playing tricks on me

Let me preface this by saying me and my fiance just went to the Houston area for a visit. I saw funny things.
Tiger at the hotel – There was a hotel being renovated on the side of the highway. One day, we drove by and there was a table sitting outside of one of the rooms and it had a tiger statue on it. That struck me as odd. A freakin tiger? Why did they put it outside? Does that mean there are tigers in the rooms? What kind of hotel is this? The next day, we drove by again, and that tiger was on the roof. At the very front of the building at the point of the roof. OH MY GOSH. What is going on? Weird. I am disappointed in myself for not having pictures.

Handicapped room – We get to the hotel, and it’s not busy at all. DUH, it’s a Wednesday. But we get to our room and realize it’s a handicapped room. It has a little sign on the outside of the door stating so. Also, I didn’t see any difference in that room vs any other room. Except maybe the bathroom door was bigger. Why did we get a handicapped room? I don’t understand.

Virgin tissue paper – Yes. The tissue paper was “made of virgin materials”. There’s a joke there. Find it.


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