“Duggar Fetus Photos” has to be the wierdest thing I’ve ever googled.

I don’t watch much TV and I’ve never seen an episode of the Duggar family and all their kids, but I did see that she recently miscarried her 20th child. No matter what your opinion is on if she should or should not keep having kids, suffering a miscarriage whether it’s your first baby or your 20th is tragic.

But did you know she took pictures of the fetus? Well, she did. And this is my opinion of those pictures:

They are creepy and endearing and sweet all at the same time. I understand why she did it, but it seems like something you should keep to yourself for your family. They shouldn’t have been released to the world or put on the Duggar website. They should have been kept private. But I’m glad I got to see them.
I also think they are amazing. It amazes me to see the size of the baby. In a sonogram you can’t really get a good idea of the actual size of the baby. At 20 weeks, it’s so incredibly tiny, yet it has fully formed hands and feet. It’s so fascinating to know that when you are 20 weeks pregnant, that is the way your baby looks. That’s how small it’s hands are. You’re halfway through your pregnancy at 20 weeks, and I just think it’s cool to see the size. To know that in 20 more weeks you will be holding your full sized 6-8 lb baby. A-maz-ing.

So, while I do believe that taking pictures of your deceased fetus is slightly creepy, it’s also fascinating and amazing at the same time. I realize this opinion is an odd one, but it’s the one opinion I have about it. So deal with it.


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