I thought I killed it, but then it was alive

#1 – i don’t know how to use cactus or cacti or cactus’ in a sentence correctly so just deal with however it comes out in the following sentences.

With my desk at work I inherited 2 cactus. These poor cactus had no idea how doomed they were when they got me as an owner. I can’t keep anything alive. Luckily, cactus doesn’t need to be watered to often because I probably watered them once a month. Maybe. Well a couple months ago I got pulled to sit in another area to train some people. Those cactus just thought they were neglected before? HA! I didn’t water them or talk to them or touch them for at least 2 months. When I came back they looked sad. and dry. verrry dry. So I decided I was going to make it up to them. I cleaned up the pots they live in and watered them, aerated the soil and opened the blinds so they could see the outside. I dusted them (yeah, they had dust on them) and touched them so maybe they would be rejuvenated.

Well guess what. After like a week of lovin’, one of them developed three flower buds. HOLY CRAP! My neglect didn’t kill it!

This morning, it bloomed!! YES! I’m amazing! I’m a cactus genius! I have a green thumb! Take that world.

The Christmas Cactus Lives!!!!


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