That was the most confusing candy

I know this is supposed to be a strawberry candy, but it’s shape is that of a pineapple.

that's the weirdest looking pineapple I've ever seen

Could they not make it look more like a strawberry? They kind of got the colors right. Yes. The top is green. Yes. The bottom is red. No. The seeds are not yellow. No. There is not that much green on any strawberry I’ve ever seen, ever. Now, some of you may point out that I’m new to eating fruit, so I may not be extremely familiar with all the types of strawberries out there, but I’ve eaten plenty, and I used to work at a wedding chapel where we served chocolate tuxedo covered strawberries by the ton so I have seen my fair share of strawberries.

Maybe they were trying to make a pineapple candy, but it kept tasting like strawberries, so instead of changing the entire packaging, they just altered the colors and let it still feel like it was a pineapple.


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  1. lol I love those candies but you are right, they are confused little things lol

  2. So should we raname this candy a pine berry

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