K-Star’s Comeback

  • K-Star: i will burn it
  • K-Star: I will set fire to my laptop
  • Me: no
  • K-Star: no kidding
  • Me: that’s not a good plan
  • K-Star: yea then i’ll lose my job and have to start hooking
  • Me: yeah
  • Me: come to houston
  • K-Star: and hook there?
  • Me: yeah
  • Me: or just work at the chinese place we like to eat at
  • Me: you would totally fit in with the tiny asians (remember, she’s 6 foot something and not asian).
  • K-Star: and be a secret hooker
  • Me: yeah
  • Me: in the back
  • Me: like instead of happy endings at a massage place, you could be on the dessert menu disguised as like Lean Cheesecake
  • K-Star: i’m laughing so hard right now
  • Me: really?
  • Me: good.
  • K-Star: lean cheesecake
  • Me: yeah
  • Me: bc you’re skinny and you’re white.
  • K-Star: i’m gonna pee myself
  • Me: probably almost as bad of an idea as burning the laptio
  • Me: wow
  • K-Star: laptio?
  • Me: i just tried to spell that again and it came out the same way so I didn’t send it
  • K-Star: spanish laptop
  • Me: laptio
  • Me: 3 times in a row
  • Me: that’s magical
  • Me: i can’t spell that word anymore apparently.
  • Me: laptop
  • K-Star: try putting your fingers on the correct keys
  • Me: ok.
  • Me: good. i got it
  • Me: laptio
  • Me: nope
  • Me: nevermind.
  • K-Star: awesome
  • Me: i have to focus to get it right and i try not to focus
  • Me: laptop
  • Me: ohhh yeah i got it
  • K-Star: close your eyes and do it
  • Me: ;a[top
  • Me: that was a poor suggestion
  • Me: laptio
  • Me: again.
  • Me: it really wants to be spelled that way
  • K-Star: fail
  • Me: both of those were with my eyes closed.
  • K-Star: wow

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  1. That totally happened. Ah-maz-ing. LEAN CHEESECAKE! I’m totally changing my name

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