And then my husband called me a stalker…

My new husband and I were driving down the highway and he pointed out some apartments he used to live in.

Here’s the actual conversation:

Me: oh, that’s where you lived when you lived with your brother?

Him: Yes

Me: and that’s where you lived when you worked nights, right?

Him: well I didn’t work nights the whole time I lived there but yeah..

Me: ok, because I remember I would see you post stuff on Facebook about you getting home at 3am and working all night and working out in the middle of the night.

Him: yeah…

Me: It’s funny, because I kind of like kept tabs on you a little bit while we weren’t together. I mean, I didn’t like stalk you, but I would just kind of pay attention to the stuff you posted. ..did you do that too?

Him: yeah, well I kind of knew what you were up to now and then

Me: (in an excited voice) And now you’re my husband…everyday. (he compared this voice to the “I find you” voice in Wedding Crashers)

Him: (under his breath but loud enough that I heard) Stalker….

Text Conversation we JUST had about me writing this post:

Me: Crap I can’t remember what I said just before you called me a stalker. Do you remember?

Me: Oh, nevermind.. I wrote it down.

Him: You were talking about now you’re married to me and following me on Facebook

Me: You followed me, too

Him: Apparently, we followed each other differently. You stalked me.

Life with me is going to be fun. 2 weeks in and he called me a stalker..twice. Ha. I love him.


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  1. I’m not sure who will have the funnier lines in your blogs now, you or him.

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