It’s story time

K-STAR: there once was a man from Nantucket

Me: who lived in a shiny red bucket

K-STAR: no

K-STAR: but we’ll go with that

Me: good

K-STAR: he said with a grin…

Me: dangit give me some gin

K-STAR: and passed out in the bushes

K-STAR: you start

Me: i cant

K-STAR: because i have to pee

Me: that’s not why i cant but ok

Me: go pee

Me: i’ll think

K-STAR: i was helping you start your “i can’t” story

Me: lol

K-STAR: i don’t really have to pee

Me: it’s hard out there for a pimp

K-STAR: tryin to make the money for the rent

Me: in the streets of lewisville

Me: or some safe city

Me: if i was a pimp i would own

Me: not rent

K-STAR: then i’d take over oak cliff b/c i would be such a good pimp

Me: ok

Me: there once was a blogger named sara

K-STAR: and she was very bad at playing the story game with K-STAR

Me: but it’s ok because sara is good at other things

K-STAR: like eating peaches

Me: on beaches

Me: with leaches and larva

K-STAR: one day she ran into a beach bum

K-STAR: i mean like literally ran into him

Me: with a tattoo that said “i’m no bum, i’m awesome.”

K-STAR: and she pee’d on him

Me: because he was stung with a jellyfish

K-STAR: and he was so thankful he gave her all of his awesome bum money… its totally like 57 cents and a hackey sack

Me: and then she killed him

Me: new story

K-STAR: I own a talking fridge named Miller

Me: but all i have inside is budlight

K-STAR: which caused him to be very, very disturbed b/c he liked the taste of Stella

Me: so he started yelling STELLA LUNA. STELLA LUNA. all day.

K-STAR: then someone turned out the lights and told him to shut up b/c he was getting annoying

Me: but he learned to adapt. and he rewired himself to control the lights so he turned them all on and made a siren noise for 7 hours and 12 minutes.

K-STAR: so someone walked over and gave him a monkey

Me: and he was happy.

K-STAR: the end

Me: i had one more

K-STAR: oh.. please continue

Me: and he was happy until he realized that monkeys cant survive in fridge and he opened it to play with said monkey and the monkey was drunk

Me: or the alternate/disturbing ending is

K-STAR: and then the monkey died of alcohol poisioning

K-STAR: before they could get him to rehab

Me: poor monkey.


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