Want to see all my light switches? Of course you do.

There are 39 light switches in this house. 39. I don’t live in a big fancy house either. I have a normal amount of bedrooms and bathrooms and space. But I have 39 switches. They control things, like lights and fans and future fans. Not fans from the future, or flying fans, but fans that don’t exist yet, but if you ever decide to put a fan in that room, there’s a switch there. And then there are 2 switches (so far) that control nothing. I guess if you count the 2 future fan switches, there are 4 switches that do nothing. Those are the ones I think control the street lights. Or the sun.

They are kind of convenient, because if I turn a light on over on one side of the room, and then I walk to the other side of the room, there is a switch for me to turn that light off.

However, when your husband asks you to turn the kitchen light off, and you flip 3 switches and the freakin’ light is still on, then it gets frustrating. Seriously, it’s the kitchen. It shouldn’t be so hard.

Also, I’m not naming them and you can’t make me. Do you realize how my husband would look at me if he came home and all the light switches had a label with a name on it? Yes, it would be easier to know what to turn on/off if you could call them by name, but then we would both have to memorize 39 new names and know where they are located. It would be funny to label them all, wait for him to memorize them, and then re-arrange the names. When he asks why I would just say, well I thought that one over there looked more like a George than the one in the kitchen. And then he would have to start over with the memorizations. I would make it easier for him though because I would put a moustache over the switch on the male ones. Because I’m helpful.

Dangit. Now I want to name and label them all. That actually does sound fun.

Thanks for the camera, Mom. I’m putting it to good use.

Since writing this post, I discovered the use of one of those mystery lights. It controls the light over the garage. However, since discovering that, I realized that the light over the garage just blinks. So for 2 days there was a flashing light over the garage.  Glad I figured that out, because I hear Zombie’s are attracted to flashing lights.  I wonder if the previous tenants of this house knew that and set us up?  Good one, previous tenant, good one.


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  1. Omg!!! You took a picture of our light switches. Should take a picture of the mosquito eaters. Did you take a pic of the light switch in the attic?

  2. You totally should name them. I’m thinking Gladys would be a good switch name.

  3. This is good use? Actually it is! I’m super glad I got you a camera.

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