Well that’s a good way to lose your street cred

The husband and I like to go to garage sales, and one particular Saturday morning, we drove through a neighborhood with a basketball court. There were 5 guys on the basketball court, so I thought they might be about to play. Nope. First thing we see is them all standing strangely. Posing if you will. When we passed them I told Chris we HAVE to drive back by there to see what the heck is going on. So we did. And there they were. 4 of them lined up, facing one of them (I think he was directing) and the 4 guys were doing some sort of movements. It looked like interpretive dance. On a basketball court. at 11 am on a Saturday morning. I tried to video it, but we were moving too fast so you can’t tell what they’re doing. But the movie is in my head and it’s awesome.

My supposition is that they were part of a church practicing a Crucifixion interpretive dance routine for Easter. That’s what we’re going with.


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